School Bells. Church Bells.

Hear them ring.


There are two churches with in blocks from my house.  One of which likes to ring at 8:11am. Why that specific time I have no idea.  Every time I hear it I smile.  I’ve had a connection to the sound of a ringing bell since I was a little girl.   The moments in my life growing up that stand out always seem to accompany bell ringing.  Weddings, funerals, Christmas- a lot of energy with that sweet sound.  In my twenties the sound of the church bell would take me to memories of the cobblestone streets of Italy and traveling abroad.   Fast forward a few more years and my more recent memories of the bell ringing go to the Nosara Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica.  A few years back they built an amazing tower to house this new bell they purchased.  Come to find out it came from an old school house from the 1800’s in Minnesota.


At NYI they ring the bell at 6am and 6pm sunrise and sunset when the Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (energy) are at its highest peak during a 24 hour period.   It also helped those late-comers to class get a move on.  This routine and reason for ringing the bell got me thinking about the connection of energy being at its highest and the resonance of the sound itself. 


Recently I went through some pretty severe health issues.  Every single time I left a Dr.’s appointment at the Mayo Clinic- of course as if on cue- Bells. Ringing.  It was truly phenomenal- the most random times of day.  8:15pm, 3:20pm, 11:25am.  And not just your quick ding-dong either.  A full on song of bells.  I could only smile, sometimes with teary eyes, as my body had chills taking in the sound.  Shiva and Shakti at its highest- even if the times didn’t match sunrise and sunset, my connection of the sound went straight to thinking about energy and consciousness.  The resonance of higher consciousness. Unseen forces. Angels.  It all started to make sense.  I was entering into a new energy of consciousness not only with my body but with my outlook on life as a whole.  Raising the vibration so-to-speak.  I had immense feelings of connection, peace, and trust even after some pretty scary appointments – all because of the sound of a bell.  There is soooo much that we don’t acknowledge on a daily basis about the unseen forces that influence us all the time.  The energy of a simple bell. The impact of witnessing these moments and how that- in itself- changes us.  Shapes us on an organismic level.  It can heal us.  Can connect us.  How it can raise the vibration of our energy bodies, our ‘prana’ also known as life force.  Next time you hear a bell ringing- pay attention. Smile.  Notice. Check in with yourself.  If you like, you can take on my two most recent mantras (daily affirmations).  Repeat to yourself: You are supported and loved. And everything is happening exactly as it should.