Flip a coin.  Heads or tails, left or right, yes or no.  This is how I've come to make decisions lately- really needing them to be one way or the other.  None of this wishy washy "but what if" business.  No time for that! ( maybe it's residual super moon powers affecting my need for clarity?)  Not all of the time, but more often then not, I will find myself "muscle testing" a question to create a choice/answer.  I press the tips of my index and middle fingers to the end of my thumb with my left hand (kind of like the "ok" sign).  Then I ask my question.  I try to pry it open with my right hand… If the connection breaks then my answer is no.  If  the connection stays solid and secure then my answer is yes.  Sound coo-coo?  Try it!  (*question must have a yes or no answer for it to work)

You've seen this before, yes?  #yogaeverydamnday.  Well for me- it is HARD to make time for yoga every damn day.  Yes It's amazing when for a period of time when it happens every damn day, and yes I feel more connected, more grounded, more in tune with my intuition and yes maybe I don't have to resort to my silly muscle testing when faced with questions.  BUT I will say that this little tool has helped me feel more confident in my choices, and has helped me move forward with a decision when being absolutely paralyzed with fear on certain questions in my world.  So unless you are superwoman yogini/ superman yogi and really do continue doing #yogaeverydamnday, maybe you won't need this in your life.   I thought I would share this helpful tool for us needing a little help because sometimes decisions are hard.  Downright brutal at times.

Of course use whatever works.  Whatever tool that can get you MOVING, CHOOSING, taking ACTION in your life.  How's it go?  (I always say it backwards. lol  ) … it's not the destination but the journey that counts…  yeah well it's nice when the journey that's faced with thousands of choices every day- has some help- wouldn't you say?  Yes or No?  Muscle test it! :)

*saw this and had to share...

We cannot escape the journey laid out for us. We can resist it. We can scorn it. We can rally against it, fists to the sky and tears falling to the ground. We can wait until our last breath or take it up on our first one, the choice is always ours. Our journey stands outside the boundaries of time with the patience of a million saints. Our journey does not give up on us, even when we do. 

But eventually engage it we must. And in the process we are challenged, changed and hopefully brought closer to the true nature of our being. If we survive, we tell the tale upon our return. We tell the tale and others are healed by it. This is our piece. This is our peace. This is our (sometimes horrific) glory. Humans live through harrowing, devastating atrocities of man and god everyday.

Chani Nicholas