feng shui the Facebook feed

The 'Urge to Purge' article on Elephant Journal inspired me to gut out my closet- to fill the bags and donate, donate, donate and a few big items to move on out.  Make room for new, clear space. Ahhhhhh it’s all so very therapeutic and easy.  The closet project- once completed- of course spilled into me gutting the entire main floor of my house and even the dreaded basement.  It’s true- atleast for me- that the ‘stuff’ was weighing me down and holding stuck energy. I’m seeing immediate results of my new space in my home and loving it. Now more than ever I’m all about creating a sacred space for myself.  Feels good.


It got me thinking of where else I could ‘clear clutter’- not in just with physical things but to really look at all that surrounds me on a daily basis.  Enter Facebook.  Facebook interactions have become as daily of a routine for me as brushing my teeth.  Check the feed, check the messages, check the notifications, what’s going on “out there”, messenger, what quotes will inspire me, what will get me thinking, what are my family and friends up to in the big wide world.  Then you see the ad’s, the posts that make your gut ache, the ones you want to look away from but it’s like driving by a car accident and you just have to look.  The way videos automatically play now is making it worse.  Image, Image, Image- it’s no wonder my eyes get blurry from scrolling, trolling, viewing for probably way too long on most days. Like the subliminal messages hidden in commercials that are playing too loud, my brain is soaking it all in and time just vanishes. Poof.  I know this is nothing new to read about, but this is my inquiry as of late.

So now is the time to clear the clutter… Hide this, block that, unfollow, defriend, delete.  Similar to the clearing out an old email box, it stays that way for about a day and then boom. it fills right back up.  It never ends.  So instead of trying to control what I see on the screen, I went the other route which I have to say is much harder.  Less time on Facebook. Feng shui my day please.  Balance.  Ugh. It’s hard!  I know I’ve heard of those mysterious people who have completely deleted their accounts- wha?  Or taken a 10 day detox- a bit more reasonable. But taking a conscious choice to step away from the screen and get into a real conversations face to face, real interactions in the physical presence of another, requesting that business meetings are in person, woo what a difference its made already.  May we all walk away from the screen a little more every day and connect more in person as humans are supposed to. And to be clear I am fully aware of the irony- that I am writing a blog and then posting it on Facebook about walking away more from the screen.  It’s all in moderation- yes? That’s when there is this thing called balance. Ahhh the illusion of less clutter. *And just to share what is now strumming through my head…  Everybody have fun tonight- everybody feng shui tonight.  Or something like that. Yep.  Now may this song be forever stuck in your head today too. :)  So let me know if this inspired you to clear the clutter, search for balance, or connect with another human beyond screen time- in whatever way that works for you.  Wishing you success on finding your balance!