Wellness Cabinet vs. Medicine Cabinet

Taking a positive outlook on staying healthy is easier than you think.  I’m taking the proactive approach.  The cabinet in my bathroom behind the mirror is lovingly referred to as my ‘wellness cabinet’. I want to continue to fill it up with things that will enhance my well-being rather than holding onto pills and products that are there for when disaster strikes. My cabinet is filled with my super power essential oils, an array of highly potent vitamins and a few face products that make me so happy it MUST have a positive affect on my health- for sure my well being. 

Three favorites I highly recommend are:

1.     Theives oil by Young Living.  The moment I get a tickle in my throat or a hint of a fever- this oil goes on me.  It is a strong one so if your skin is sensitive you can dilute it with a base oil like almond oil or coconut oil.  It’s perfect any time of the year but it seems especially yummy in the fall/winter months with the cinnamon and clove hints. Nine times out of ten when I have this on, I get a comment of someone saying how good I smell.  I put a few dabs on directly on my neck at my collar bone or at the base of my skull.


2.     MetaGenics Wellness Essentials Packets.  There is one daily packet.  Easy- peasy as they are already bundled together. It is filled with all of the core vitamins you need: calcium, multi-vitamin, fish oil, etc...  Even if your diet is super clean and more organic than not- most of us are not getting the nutrients we need with just our diet alone.  MetaGenics is a company that creates a ‘pharmaceutical grade’ of supplements (versus the farm grade).  How they get this grading is based on the extensive scientific testing they have done. These are some high quality vitamins! They test to see how efficient they are at getting fully absorbed in your body- rather than just passing through your system.  I typically will buy one box at a time and it runs for a thirty day supply.


3.     Intelligent Nutrients Face product line. The founder of Intelligent Nutrients was Horst M. Rechelbacher (also the Aveda global plant-based cosmetic empire founder) with the firm belief that everything we put on our bodies should be nutritious and safe.  Face wash, mist, serum, and lotion- all of it smells and feels so awesome I feel like I’m getting a facial every night before I go to sleep.  It’s become a sweet ritual of self pampering and I swear my skin eats it up with joy and is happier as a result.  I’m a frequent flyer and they have great travel size kits. This product line is USDA Organic and based in Minneapolis, MN.  Win win.  You also can’t beat the companies philosophy:  “If it’s good enough to go on your body, it should be good enough to go into your mouth.” I feel healthier already.  Buh-bye toxic products.




It’s makes a difference for me to open up the cabinet door and see products that enhance my wellbeing proactively.  What do you see in your wellness cabinet?  What will you add that will positively promote good health?