In March 2015, my heart broke when I witnessed the current state of the Esperanza School, Costa Rica.  We are reaching out to the global community to come together on this project for the Esperanza Escuela. Damage from the earthquake resulted in a main portion of the school condemned by engineers as unsafe. The "kitchen" is not functional and the stove they use to cook lunch is about 40 years old and only one of the three burners is working properly. The four classrooms they have for the 118 students are in horrible shape. They were robbed and had around twenty computers stolen. The main area where they all gather is a slab of concrete that gets blasted with the dust of the nearby busy road. Directly behind the school is a river that is messing up with their gray water. It was heart breaking to know that the kids (kindergarten to sixth grade) are attending a school in this condition.

We have many organizations and friends coming together- The Guanacaste Fund, Crowd Rise (our online fundraising campaign). Shivanter John Barczak has connected this project with the Omega Institute in New York and the Visionary Conference that he ran the summer of 2015. Local businesses, Corporations in the US, and private donors are all showing support. Our first donation came in from a couple from New Hampshire that have been coming to Nosara for many years and consider it their second home. They started us off with $10,000! "It is an honor and pleasure to give back to the community we love so dearly. We are so grateful for our little paradise in CR that gives so much and asks for nothing in return." Total inspiration.  

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort hosted a Benefit Concert :: Inauguration Party on March 21, 2105 and we have now raised $17, 275!

Article by the "Voice of Nosara" a local newspaper on the effort published October 12, 2015:


A fresh approach to the orphan crisis in Haiti

Our goal is to create long-term family-style homes for small groups of  orphaned and abandoned children.  Our innovative approach to improving the quality of lives of our children involves the practice of yoga and its principals for trauma relief, empowerment and health.  Our mandate involves a plan to not only help children to thrive as individuals, but to assist –  through cooperative, grass-roots efforts – the sustainable development of the communities they reside in. We want the children of Haiti to grow up as healthy beings in a healthy Haiti. 

We are happy to announce that the first D2C Family Home opened its doors on July, 24, 2012!

I volunteer my time and am a yoga ambassador for the non-profit organization Devoted to Children-Haiti.  I traveled to Haiti in May 2013 with their annual SEVA trip meet the immediate and basic needs of the most vulnerable children in the village of Cayes Jacmel. Since then I have continued to host and teach yoga workshops around Minneapolis having 100% of the proceeds go towards supporting this organization.  

If you are interested in supporting this cause click here

Blog stories on my SEVA journey


"Yoga is truly for everyone in Minneapolis. The city has a long tradition of supporting philanthropy and volunteer work, and that same spirit thrives in the yoga community." 

-Yoga Journal

The yoga scene in Minneapolis is a busy one.  Many organizations have gathered here and created an amazing community feel and connection. 


Some that I have had the privilege of working with are:

Gorilla Yogis

Minneapolis Yoga Conference

Yoga Rocks the Park- Minneapolis