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Clarity of Consciousness




Tuesday March 24 11am- 1pm & Thursday March 26 6:30pm- 8:30pm

In these two workshops we will explore our own inner witness consciousness through the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, art & bodywork.  Experience sight, smell, sound, taste and touch in a playful way to move towards pratyhara (the removal of the senses or to gain 'mastery' over external influences) bridging the internal and external aspects of yoga.

The term Pratyhara is composed of two sanskrit words. 'Prati'- meaning against or away and 'Ahara' meaning "food" or anything we take in from the outside world.    Just as a healthy body can resist toxins, a healthy mind can ward off negative sensory influences around it.

If you are easily rocked off your center by the "noise" and turmoil of the environment around you, these workshops will be just for you.

All levels welcome!

Both workshops are designed to build on one another, however drop ins for either class are allowed.

All love, Karuna Stacy Seebart